Hot Chip unveil brand new single "Fire of Mercy"
Photo credit: Pooneh Ghana

Hot Chip unveil brand new single "Fire of Mercy"

Last summer, Hot Chip released their eighth album Freakout/Release, a continuation of what, at this point, seems like an impossible run for the quintet, another dizzying peak in a multi-decade career that’s seen them continue to innovate and develop a rich, resonant songcraft.

Not one to rest on their laurels, they now unveil magnificent new single “Fire of Mercy”, featuring Malaysian-Irish producer and songwriter yunè pinku.  A classic slice of Hot Chip ennui flecked euphoria, Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard share vocals as they deliver an emotional gut punch: “Do you ever stop believing / In the things that make you feel like you… Remember life can take a turn in a moment and / Leave you without your own breath to breathe / I need that fire of mercy, rescue me.”

Talking about the new single, Joe Goddard said: “Fire of Mercy’ relates to the central concept of William Blake’s ‘Songs of Experience’ - it bemoans the corruption that inevitably comes from adulthood and longs for a return to the purity of childhood.” yunè pinku adds: “Massive honour to work with Hot Chip as they’re huge legends within the electronic world. When they played me Fire of Mercy and asked me to jump on the track, I was thrilled to work with them.

Always an essential band to see during festival season, Hot Chip returned to Glastonbury this year to triumphantly headline the newly renamed Woodsies stage on its inaugural night. Next up the band will headline London’s Drumsheds, the brand new 15,000 capacity venue from the team behind Printworks.

Upcoming live dates
Tuesday 8th August – Lokerse Festival, Belgium
Friday 11th August - Brunch Electronik, Barcelona
Saturday 26th August – Live at Scorrier House, Cornwall
Thursday 28th September – The Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles
Saturday 30th September – Portola Festival, San Francisco
Saturday 21st October – Bugged Out @ Drumsheds, London
Friday 17th November - Corona Capital, Mexico