Austra share video for I Love You More Than You Love Yourself

Austra share video for I Love You More Than You Love Yourself

Today, Austra release the video for the third single from the album, ‘I Love You More Than You Love Yourself’, taken from the critically-lauded new album, Future Politics.

Inspired by the story of former US astronaut Lisa Nowak, the M Blash-directed video for ‘I Love You More Than You Love Yourself’ gently highlights the struggle of depression. 

Future Politics is a collection of urgent, disciplined anthems for dancefloors and headphones alike, that asks each of us to remember that apocalypse is not an inevitability, but the product of human decision-making. It aims for a world without borders, where human compassion and curiosity drive technological innovation rather than profit, where the necessity of labour is replaced with time for creativity and personal growth, and the terror and destruction wrought by colonialism and white supremacy is recognized as a dark age in human history. The album is radicalism distilled: to galvanic beats, gorgeous, kinetic melodies, and the vulnerable majesty of Stelmanis’s voice.

Future Politics is available to buy now on limited edition deluxe colored vinyl with exclusive signed art print, CD, and digital download.

Austra is currently on tour in North America. The quartet will head to UK and Europe in March including a date at London’s Convergence Festival.