Watch the video for new track 'My Nature'

Watch the video for new track 'My Nature'

London’s Little Cub have shared a video for their latest track, ‘My Nature’. Directed by Bear Damen, whose previous work includes Fatima Yamaha’s ‘Love Invaders’ clip, the new video finds its protagonist in a total state of trance to the song, as if possessed by someone performing it through them. Watch it now below.

Further showcasing front man and lyricist Dominic Gore’s astute and relatable lyricism, he says about ‘My Nature’:-

“’My Nature’ was originally written as the hook for a club track so when we were working on it we very much had in the back of our minds certain nods to that world. However, as we started to add live instruments and then my lyrics at the centre it became something very different.

Where as 'Loveless' is written from a somewhat wistful and naive perspective, I guess 'My Nature' is much more hardened and less ashamed. Like being content to be cast as the villain but questioning who cast you in that role (yourself or them) and how much your actions are just fulfilling the moves already given you by the other person. There is no desire for absolution but I think the unsympathetic aspect only makes them more appealing (like Lord Henry or Simon Cowell).”

Alongside the new track and following the band’s headline show at London’s Electrowerkz in celebration of the release of the Loveless EP, they have announced a pair of new London live dates, including the Little Cub Xmas Party – featuring special guests Pavan and more – at The Ivy House, Nunhead, London on Friday December 16th

As well as the ‘Loveless’ EP, the band’s debut tracks, ‘Breathing Space’ and ‘Intent’, are available for free download now via their website and streaming now on Spotify and Apple Music.