Spiral Stairs shares new song ‘Dundee Man’

Spiral Stairs shares new song ‘Dundee Man’

Scott Kannberg, aka Spiral Stairs (founding member of Pavement and Preston School of Industry, has shared the latest song from his forthcoming new album Doris and The Daggers, ‘Dundee Man’.

The gleeful, charismatic ‘Dundee Man’ essays a golfing trip to Scotland Scott made with an old friend. “It’s a travelogue,” says Scott, “but it’s also about a guy who’s, like, really proudly Scottish. It’s a great pub song.”.

Doris and The Daggers showcases the most personal and emotional music Kannberg has ever written, reflecting the life changes that occurred over those eight years. During that stretch, Scott weathered the loss of friends, treasured the joys of fatherhood, lived life as an Australian and even ate haggis meat – experiences that inform these warm, sweetly melodic and soundly honest songs.
“I guess I’ve been writing songs for a while now,” reflects Kannberg on his second album. “I like hearing echoes of things I love in the music that I make. Writing music doesn’t come easy to me – it’s hard to write a song that’s good. But our memories slowly escape us as we get older, and in songs you kind of relive those moments, the things that matter.” 

Doris and The Daggers is available to pre-order now on deluxe vinyl with bonus tracks, standard vinyl, CD and digital download.       

1.           Dance (Cry Wolf)
2.           Emoshuns
3.           Dundee Man
4.           AWM
5.           No Comparison
6.           The Unconditional
7.           Trams (Stole My Love)
8.           Exiled Tonight
9.           Angel Eyes
10.      Doris and The Daggers