New album Althaea released 11th August

New album Althaea released 11th August

Over the course of their lush, strange album “Althaea”, London duo Trailer Trash Tracys condense a number of disparate styles into music that thrillingly broaches the void between figuration and abstraction. While undeniably beautiful and quite often infectious in parts, this is certainly not pop music by any traditional definition; rather, it appeals to the more intuitive of mind and wild at heart. More than simply becoming a philosophical exercise however, the result is their most ambitious and idiosyncratic body of work to date, one which operates at the very limits of what pop music can be.
Their debut, “Ester”, released in 2012, manifested the band’s approach to making music as a fine balance between chaos and order, laying out a dense and dreamlike ecosystem of Sufi poetry, Solfeggio scales and, floating above it all, Susanne Aztoria’s otherworldly yet emotionally charged vocals. Early singles such as “Strangling Good Guys” and “You Wish You Were Red” proved to be outliers – rather than simply making lo-fi dream pop, the band were instead aiming for something far more subconscious and esoteric.
With “Althaea”, the band continue their investigations into the farther flung reaches of pop music, with stunning results. Spanning 10 deeply esoteric tracks, “Althaea” sees the band drift further afield from traditional song structures to create a new aural lexicon of their own, one as influenced by Filipino carnival music and Latin rhythms as it was by Japanese tropical music from the 80s. Even at their most outwardly pop – the pristine “Eden Machine” for instance, or the swooning “Kalesa”, there is a baroque splendour, and heightened sensuality. The interplay of light and dark, the foreign and the familiar, brings forth an album with manifold pleasures, one which rewards repeated listening and further exploration.      


MON   18-Sep-17     UK      MANCHESTER        SOUP KITCHEN
TUE    19-Sep-17     UK      GLASGOW    HUG & PINT
WED   20-Sep-17     UK      NEWCASTLE           THINK TANK
THU    21-Sep-17     UK      LEEDS           BRUDENELL GAMES ROOM
FRI      22-Sep-17     UK      BIRMINGHAM          ACTRESS & BISHOP
SAT    23-Sep-17     UK      BRIGHTON   THE HOPE
SUN   24-Sep-17     UK      BRISTOL       LOUISIANA              
TUE    26-Sep-17     FR       PARIS            POINT EPHEMERE           
SUN   01-Oct-17      NETHERLANDS      ROTTERDAM           V11
MON   02-Oct-17      NETHERLANDS      AMSTERDAM          U/S MELKWEG
TUE    03-Oct-17      BELGIUM      ANTWERP    TRIX BAR
FRI      06-Oct-17      DENMARK    DENMARK    IDEAL BAR
SAT    07-Oct-17      GERMANY    BERLIN         AUSTER CLUB                   
MON   09-Oct-17      GERMANY    MUNICH        MILLA
TUE    10-Oct-17      AUSTRIA       VIENNA         CHELSEA
WED   18-Oct-17      UK      LONDON       CAMDEN ASSEMBLY
FRI      27-Oct-17      ITALY ROME            MONK
SAT    28-Oct-17      ITALY BOLOGNA    COVO       

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“Althaea” tracklisting:
01 Smoked Silver          
02 Eden Machine          
03 Gong Gardens          
04 Siebenkäs                 
05 Money For Moondogs  
06 Betty's Cavatina        
07 Casadora                  
08 Singdrome                
09 Kalesa                      
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